· Shandong Linyi added 500 new buses in 2016

At the recent Linyi All-Citizens Working Conference, the increase in public transportation has become one of the focuses of the public. Since 2015, the Municipal Public Transport Group has made every effort to promote the construction of green public transportation and smart public transportation. ......Reading more

Technical requirements and application advantages of se…

As a big country in agricultural production, the quality of seeds will directly affect the production of agriculture and the interests of farmers. The storage technology of seeds is also increasingly important. In recent years, the construction of seed deposits has also become increasingl ......Reading more

Robot will take over 45% of the work within ten years

Recently, some media said that robots will take over 45% of the manufacturing industry in 10 years and cut labor costs by 9 trillion US dollars. According to reports, a U.S. bank predicted in a report of 30 billion yuan that robots and other forms of artificial intelligence will change the world ......Reading more

Plastic stop valve method of use

Plastic globe valve is now widely used in water, air, oil, corrosive chemical liquids and other fluids, much market users widespread concern. Plastic stop valve method of use Opening and closing the globe valve, force should be smooth, can not impact. Some of the impact of opening and closing of ......Reading more

6 Taipei Ben Heavy Truck NG80B snow sweeper truck Urumq…

In November 2015, Bei Ben Heavy Duty Truck held a delivery ceremony for the North Ben Heavy Truck NG80B snow sweeper truck in Urumqi, Xinjiang. The 6 Taipei Dunk Truck 2534KY dump truck was successfully delivered to the Huijiangyuan Cleaning Equipment Company. Delivery ceremony Sales manag ......Reading more

· The first batch of non-car companies will be competi…

Some officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said recently that dozens of non-automobile companies in China are applying for new energy vehicle production qualifications. It is expected that in the near future, several qualified enterprises will enter the qualification pe ......Reading more

Changchai was selected as the "Top 50 Independent …

At the end of September 2015, the list of “Top 50 Independent Industrial Brands of Jiangsu Province” jointly organized by the Information Office of the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Provincial Economy and Information Committee was announced in Nanjing. 48 companies such a ......Reading more