3.3p 8.4kw Mini Air Cooled Water Industrial Chiller

Model NO.: SAEC-084AZ
Condition: New
Trademark: SAECN
Transport Package: Easy Packing
Specification: capacity 8.4KW
Origin: Zhejiang
HS Code: 8418692090
1.Product Description
    Shelton Precision industrial chiller is a new generation of cold water machine, which is specially designed for industrial cooling process,The unit can precisely control the various water temperature required by modern industrial production, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality.King air precision industrial chillers with high efficiency and energy saving, stable and reliable, intelligent control, easy maintenance and many other features,Widely used in plastic processing, hydraulic equipment, modern agriculture, electroplating, electronics manufacturing, leather processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, machinery manufacturing and other fields, is an indispensable companion of modern industrial production.
2.Parameter List
SAEC-084AZ Parameter List
No. Name Model Parameter
1 Cooling capacity KW 8.4
Kcal/h 7217
2 Power Supply V 3HP-380V-50HZ
3 Total operating power KW 3.2
4 Total operating current A 6
Compressor type Entire seal vortex type
power(kW) 2.4*1
current(A) 4.2
6 Fan type High efficiency axial flow fan
air flow m3/h 3500
7 Pump type Centrifugal water pump
head 28
power(kW) 0.55
8 Condenser type High efficiency copper tube aluminum fin / microchannel heat exchanger
9 Evaporator type plate heat exchanger/serpentine pipe
flow m3/h 1.4
10 water tank type SUS304
volume L 30
11 size of connecting pipe Water outlet  DN15
Water inlet  DN15
12 Outline dimension L*W*H(MM) 700*770*1300
13 Unit weight KG 145
Cold water machine under the refrigeration condition:
Freezing water inlet temperature 12, outlet temperature 7, ambient temperature 35, evaporation temperature 5 degrees, condensation temperature 50 degrees, the resulting refrigerating capacity.
3.Internal configuration list
SAEC-084AZ  Internal configuration list
No. Parts name Model Num. Brand
1 Control Uc2 1 CAREL
2 Pump CHLF2-40 1 CNP
 3 Compressor 2V47W385 1 Panasonic
4 Valve parts of refrigeration system    084AZB 1 Danfoss
5 Fan YWF-4D-450-S-102/60-G 1 Weiguang
6 Evaporator V26Hx44/1P-SC-M 1 SWEP
7 Condenser B25Tx16 1 SWEP
8 Electrical components 084AZC 1 Schneider
9 Water tank ACSX-30L 1 Shaoxing Shelton
10 Refrigerant piping copper tube 1 Shaoxing Shelton
11 Water piping SS304 1 Shaoxing Shelton
4.air cooled scroll type water chiller main parts photos and brand
3.3p 8.4kw Mini Air Cooled Water Industrial Chiller


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