Agricultural machinery subsidies are listed in the special rectification of strong farmers and farmers' funds

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] The Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and introduced a series of policies and measures with high gold content, good policy effects, and peasant people’s welcome. However, some local agricultural departments still have no funds in the management of funds. Standardized and inconsistent problems, and even violations of laws and regulations in individual areas have caused adverse effects. A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Notice on the Special Rehabilitation of the Outstanding Issues Concerning the Use of Strong Farmers and Farmers in the National Agricultural System", and decided to start the special rectification of the use of funds for the use of strong farmers and farmers in the national agricultural system from the second half of this year. The central government's agricultural machinery purchase subsidy funds were included in the special rectification scope.
Agricultural machinery subsidies are listed in the special rectification of strong farmers and farmers' funds

The main task of this special rectification is to carry out special rectification in a targeted manner around the major policies and major reform measures of strong farmers and farmers that have been promoted by the central government since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. .
The financial subsidy subsidies included in the scope of this special rectification include: special transfer payment funds for the central government's work on agricultural machinery purchase, grassland ecological protection subsidy, new professional farmer cultivation, compulsory immunization of major animal diseases, and prevention and control of major crop pests and diseases, and Check the reform of the “three subsidies” policy for agriculture and the reform of the reform of the fishery oil price subsidy policy;
The capital construction funds include: the central budget investment for the breeding and breeding industry, the grassland fire prevention infrastructure construction, the high-standard farmland construction in the modern agricultural demonstration zone, the construction of agricultural science and technology innovation capacity, the agricultural and natural rubber base, and the fishery administration. And the Ministry of Agriculture's comprehensive development of the Ministry of Agriculture project funding.
The special rectification work adheres to the problem orientation and highlights three key points: First, individual or collective violations of law and discipline. Focus on checking whether individuals or groups have the right to use funds, project management, corruption, accepting bribes, and seeking private profits; fraudulent and privately divided farmers' subsidies and compensation; project fraud, defrauding and defrauding special funds; interception and misappropriation Special fund issues; interest-seeking in key areas such as government procurement, project bidding, etc.; illegally intervening in fund disbursement, project approval, and improper interest in dealing with regulatory clients.
Second, the implementation of the policy is not standardized, not in place. We will focus on checking the performance of the grassroots agricultural administrative departments in the implementation of the policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers and the use of funds management, and the implementation of the division of supervision responsibility, especially the irregularities in the declaration, distribution, management and use of funds at the county and village levels. Not in place.
The third is the problem of unmatched and imperfect system construction. Focus on assessing the scientific and practical effectiveness of policy design and implementation, and promote further improvement of policy design, optimization of fund structure and implementation procedures, improvement of supervision and management mechanisms, and promotion of safety, regulation, and use of funds for strong farmers and farmers.
The special rectification work began in July this year and will be a stage in the first half of next year. The special rectification of the use of strong agricultural and peasant funds in the national agricultural system is a long-term and systematic work. The Ministry of Agriculture will organize and implement it in stages, in steps and in sub-areas. The agricultural administrative departments of each province are the main responsible for the special rectification work.
All provinces should collect and organize the grassroots special rectification work in a timely manner, from the end of July this year to the end of the next year. All provinces should combine the special rectification work with the implementation of the policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers, strengthen the rectification of the problem, and carry out the investigation and reform throughout the entire period, without going through the scenes and leaving no dead ends, and ensuring that all policies for strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers are in place. It is necessary to promptly accept letters and visits from the masses, and classify and deal with them according to laws and regulations, so that the report items are confessed, everything goes down, and the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in supervision is fully mobilized.
Some typical cases that infringe upon the interests of farmers should be investigated and dealt with in a timely manner, and publicly exposed. If the implementation of policies is weak and perfunctory, it is necessary to conduct interviews, criticisms and briefings, and to blame and blame them seriously; Do not tolerate.

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