Blocked hydraulic filter causes problems with booster pump

Car booster pump problems, through a comprehensive visual inspection found that no leakage of hydraulic piping, pump body and the direction of the phenomenon, the hydraulic fluid in the tank between the upper and lower limits, the drive belt tight and moderate, but the hydraulic oil was black There is a deterioration of the phenomenon. In the observation of oil surface, in addition to the hydraulic oil was found to be too dirty, it is also found in the flow of hydraulic fluid bubbles from time to time emerge level. Could it be because of bubbles with hydraulic oil flow into the pump, squeezed in the pump and produce aerodynamic noise? Dirty hydraulic oil will filter plug, filter plugged, will make both sides of the filter pressure is too large, so the oil will be in an unstable state. In the case of changes in oil surface, due to the negative side is too negative, it is easy to make the air into the pipe, spread to the pump is compressed to produce aerodynamic noise. Replace a steering booster pump filter, and the steering hydraulic system to thoroughly clean, put on the pure standard hydraulic oil, the test found that failure completely ruled out. Not only the filter plug will produce noise, if the filter is damaged or displaced will produce aerodynamic noise. This is because the filter cartridge has two functions: one is to filter the sediment and impurities in the system, the other is to eliminate the pulsation when the pressure in the oil return port is too high, so as to prevent air bubbles from being generated and make the oil surface calm.

Desulfuration FGD Pump

1) FGD pump restricting parts adopt the advanced flow simulation technology to guarantee the reliable pump design and the high operating efficiency.
2) The anticorrosion & antiwear metal and rubber materials which are specifically developed for FGD pumps have been proved by the practice that, they can ensure the long life pump operation.
Through adjusting the bearing components to change the impeller position in the pump chamber all time high efficient operation of the pump can be achieved. The pump is characterized by the back knock-down structure which is simple and advanced.
3) It is easy to maintain and repair and it is on need dismantling inlet and outlet water pipes.
The containerized mechanical seal specially used for the desulphurization process is adopted and its operation is reliable.

we have developed a new kind of specialized material which possesses the duplex stainless steel's anti-corrosive property and the high chrome white iron's anti-abrasive property in FGD process.
In the rubber pump casing, impeller, suction cover/cover plate are all made of specialized anti-wear and anti-corrosive material: the material of front liner, back liner and back liner insert are natural rubber having excellent anti-corrosive property.
In metal pump casing, impeller, volute liner, suction plate and back plate are all made of specialized anti-wear and anti-corrosive material, the suction cover are made of ductile iron with rubber.

FGD power plant sump pump and circulating desulphurization FGD pump are mainly used to handle slurry with smoke in absorption tower of electric power station,
that is thermal power plant FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization) Project.


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