Circuit resistance meter measures contact resistance considerations

Circuit resistance meter measures contact resistance considerations

Loop resistance measurement is an important part of the electrical test. According to the requirements of “Transmission and Preventive Test Regulations for Electrical Equipment”, the measurement of the conductive loop resistance of various switchgears shall not be less than 100A. The company has developed a new TE600-type high-precision loop resistance tester, which can conveniently measure the contact resistance of the main contacts of high and low voltage switches, and the direct resistance of high- and low-voltage cable lines.
● This product uses a high-precision, high-stability DC constant current source, can provide 100A or 200A fixed DC current output, to overcome the traditional high-precision loop resistance tester need to adjust the current output of the shortcomings;
● This product uses a precision instrumentation operational amplifier and high-precision A / D converter, combined with high-performance 16-bit microcontroller, the system automatically switches the magnification according to the signal size when measuring, to ensure the test accuracy of the product;
● This product uses a wide temperature and backlit large-screen graphics LCD display, rather than the traditional digital display or liquid crystal display head display, intuitive display of Chinese characters, making the instrument operation more convenient and simple;
● Data storage and historical data browsing functions, with power-off protection.
● High-speed thermal printer, output complete test report.
● Ultra-wide range, true high stability, high reliability, cost-effective products.

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