Daily maintenance and maintenance of sprinkler

We all know that the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine will directly affect the service life of the machine. The sprinkler is now a common tool for cleaning urban roads. Because of advanced technology and complex structures, the price of sprinklers is also very high. It is expensive. Therefore, in order to increase the life of the sprinkler and maintain its own working efficiency, we also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the sprinkler during use. How do the sprinklers maintain and maintain?


In winter, the temperature is very low. The large amount of water in the sprinkler will cause the interior of the sprinkler to freeze. Therefore, when entering the winter, it is necessary to empty the water in the sprinkler pump and the water pipe in advance. Generally, the northern winter sprinkler is not recommended to continue. Construction, so as not to cause obstacles to the operation of the machine.

Whether it is before or after the sprinkler is absorbing water, the power take-off device of the sprinkler must be carried out during parking. To ensure the normal operation of the sprinkler during the trial period of the sprinkler, it is necessary to regularly perform the greasing point for the machine's brother. Lubrication, but also need to regularly fasten the connection point.

Inside the sprinkler, if the turbidity is squeezed for a long time, the sprinkler will be damaged. The inside of the sprinkler is generally provided with a drain pipe. The inlet of the drain pipe is the lowest point of the sprinkler tank. After a period of use, it must be regularly Open the drain pipe so that the debris accumulated in the tank can be removed as long as the water in the tank becomes clear.

Before using the sprinkler, be sure to read the machine's instructions carefully and follow the instructions to run the machine. When carrying out long-distance transfer, the sprinkler should be installed before and after the installation of a fixed anti-skid device and it is best to leave a gap around, while during the transition in order to prevent loosening of the front nozzle and rear sprinkler is best to remove these two parts . Regular inspection of the sprinkler's suction pipe and the presence of water tanks, etc., must be performed in a timely manner.

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