FAW Xichai takes the international brand route

At the 2015 FAW Xichai Marketing Conference, Qian Hengrong, the director of FAW Xichai , fully affirmed and praised the efforts of the company's overseas marketing team. At the meeting, Qian Hengrong said: “For overseas markets, FAW Xichai will continue to expand its national brand and high-end power in 2015, and will continue to promote brand marketing and the most exquisite, lean and sincere pre-sale, sales, and after-sales services. Service enhances comprehensive competitiveness, clears ordering channels in South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and other regions, expands new market areas, cooperates with the domestic market to complete the successful upgrade to the third stage of the brand, and connects with the world's top technology speed of light, reaching China's manufacturing The 'Smart' leap has successfully sprinted towards the established sales target."

Recently, macroeconomic news emerged one after another. The news that China's manufacturing sector's GDP, PMI index, or weakened again in January-February has spread wildly. This has triggered the society’s thinking that the overall economy is facing a huge downside risk and has touched the nerves of the internal combustion engine industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has formulated and is preparing to promulgate the "Entry Conditions for China's Internal Combustion Engine Industry", which will drastically solve the problem of overcapacity, optimize the innovation environment, and promote the rapid development of industry-leading enterprises.

Senior industry analysts pointed out that the internal market of internal combustion engines tends to be saturated, and low-value-added products have a backlog. With the basic unity of China and overseas markets, the move to a larger market is more conducive to its own development. This is indeed the case.

Under the policy stimulus, FAW Xichai, as the industry leader, made drastic changes to actively respond to the national energy saving and emission reduction policies, accurately found the focus of reforms, carried out major adjustments, major reforms, increased investment in high-end product R&D, and promoted manufacturing technology innovation. With the promotion of high value-added products and products, the awareness of user-friendly services has been strengthened, and the company has laid a foundation for the upgrade of the new standard of the country's five countries and six countries in the near future. It provides necessary support for a firm foothold in the overseas market. The expansion of international influence is a matter of course. Looking back in 2014, FAW Xichai conquered the overseas market with high technology and best product performance, detached from the traditional marketing method of “price-for-money”, and the cumulative export volume for the year increased by 28.3% year-on-year. The success has tripled, achieving simultaneous growth in quantity, price, and share, further stabilizing export orders from Spain, Italy, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Eastern Europe, and other countries. It has been unanimously recognized by its partners for quality and integrity. Has been effectively improved.

FAW Xichai , the “Xiang” of the internal combustion engine industry has achieved outstanding results in the overseas market, and also benefited from in-depth local market research and product independent innovation technology support. The foreign office has entered the market to conduct comprehensive and meticulous investigations. It is not necessary to say that users need to understand that it is not difficult to see that the effort invested in the product's independent innovation technology has paid off. The determination of FAW Xichai to take the “international brand line” is firm. And perseverance.

It is understood that the Xichai Ninth Science and Technology Conference, the theme of which was held recently, is “Technology Innovation to Build Technology-Leading Enterprises.” A systematic review of the achievements of the scientific and technological work harvested from 2012 to 2014 was carried out. The first is the product. Planning is the starting point, focusing on product layout, accelerating product development, and comprehensively enhancing product competitiveness. Second, it focuses on the market demand, focuses on the layout of the factory, adjusts the production capacity structure, and promotes plant construction. The third is based on service management. Efforts have been made to create “Smart Xichai”; the fourth is the protection of the five major mechanisms, focusing on core technologies, accelerating technological innovation, and effectively enhancing core competitiveness. The most fundamental and important part of the achievement of the four major achievements is the continuous improvement in product technology.

FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine

FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine

It is reported that the engine gap between AWD four engines and international mainstream brands independently developed by FAW Xichai has gradually narrowed, and even more has been successfully overtaken in some respects, winning the advantages of high-end technology and gradually moving away from the world's goal of “core”. The line is asymptotic. In this regard, Qian Hengrong said, “In the next phase, the development direction and goals of Xichai will closely depend on scientific and technological innovation, build local leading new advantages, and fully implement local leading targets.”

FAW-Xichai attaches great importance to the cultivation of scientific and technological R&D personnel, establishes innovative funds, stimulates the spirit of independent innovation, and has established a high-quality R&D team. The dedication of this R&D career is reflected in the details of the work. In order to develop new products, many R&D personnel have given up their Spring Break vacations, grasped the progress of new product trials, conducted various types of new diesel engine reliability tests, tracked and solved problems in a timely manner, and ensured that 6DL3-37E5 had 10,000 thermal shocks and had braked for one thousand hours; 4DX23- The 140E5 1080 hour long-term plant-level key projects such as emission durability tests are conducted normally, and various types of advanced emission equipment are calibrated.

Li Yuxiao, general manager of FAW Xichai Sales Co., Ltd. said, “In 2015, our overseas market of FAW Xicaba engines will continue to implement international brand marketing strategies and new core services. With the advantages of brand, service, and talent, the total sales volume is bound to increase. Will maintain steady momentum."

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