How many years can a private car last?

With the development of society, more and more people are starting to buy private cars. Buying a private car is also an exciting thing. Many friends will be careful when buying a car. It is more cost-effective to consider how to buy a car. But it is estimated that many friends have not thought about how long the car can be used, and when it is more cost-effective to transfer. The following small series will take you to analyze how many years a private car can be opened, and how long it takes to open .

The first three years of depreciation rate, no matter how good your car condition, how small the mileage, as long as the card is checked, as long as it is second-hand, the depreciation will be quite serious, the price of the car is 20% or 30% is normal, counted when buying a car The purchase tax, various insurance premiums, and the loss of more money, so if a car is renewed for one or two years, it can only be described with money and willfulness. At this time, the depreciation rate is good, although it is better. Sell, but the depreciation rate is as high as 20-30%.


4-5 years, the transfer is more cost-effective, this time the vehicle depreciation is more obvious, some parts need to be replaced, the maintenance cycle is shorter, but the basic performance is better, the model has been changed or replaced, in the used car market is a popular type, according to The number of kilometers and car conditions of the car, the general depreciation rate is 40-60%

In 5-8 years, the depreciation rate is not much different. The car in this time period has basically passed the service period. The vehicle wear is also relatively large, the reliability is relatively decreased, and the number of kilometers is also large. The general depreciation rate is 65-85%.


8 years up, don't hold too much hope. If a car can be used for more than 8 years, many car owners use it more emotionally. It is a type that does not easily change hands. At this time, the number of kilometers is often large and the condition is poor. From the practical point of view, second-hand car owners often do not choose such vehicles, and the 10-year car needs to reach two years of trial, which are affecting the residual value of the car, the general depreciation rate is as high as 85-100%

In summary, it can be seen that there is a numerical law for the depreciation rate of a car: it is calculated according to the service life of a car for 10 years, and the annual value is reduced by 15% for the first three years, and the middle 4 years (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th) Years are calculated by reducing the value by 10% per year, and by the year of the last three years by 5%.


So from a value perspective, there are three suggestions for people who buy a car:

1. When you buy a car, you must choose it. Don't start to regret selling a car when you get it. At this time, no matter if you open it or not, the loss will be great;

2. If you are optimistic about your expected income, you can choose a car with a higher future residual rate. After using it for four or five years, you can change your depreciation loss and you can upgrade to a new one. Good car

3. If you are directly on a more advanced luxury car, some of which are beyond the economic strength, and considering the pressure to repay the loan, then it is recommended that you choose the transfer time of 6 years or more, so the use value is also relatively high.

The above is a detailed analysis of how long a private car can be opened and how long it takes to open. I hope it will help the owners. There is also the need to choose a car that is like and durable when buying a car. This is an inevitable demand for every car owner to buy a car.

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