Jiangling Light Trucks sold over 60,000 units in January-November 2010, ranking high-end light truck overlords

Looking back at the 2010 young card market, the traditional high-end light truck overlord, Jiangling Motors through a large-scale product promotion campaign, and aggressive market measures, making the Jiangling light truck to become one of the most concerned models in the market in 2010. According to statistics, from January to November in 2010, the sales volume of JMC light trucks exceeded 60,000 units, an increase of 48% year-on-year, exceeding the industry average. The high growth of JMC light trucks in 2010 was mainly due to the expansion of the overall market size of light trucks and Jiangling Company. The correct combination of marketing strategies: On the one hand, through price adjustment to significantly increase product cost performance, to seize the market share of mid-range light trucks; on the one hand timely launch of new products in line with market trends, enter the new market segment to participate in competition.

The light truck market has always differentiated high, medium and low-end products by price. In general, the price of more than 70,000 yuan is called high-end light trucks. Jiangling is the long-term hegemony of this market, not only because the product price is in the range of more than 70,000 yuan. What's more important is the good brand, stable quality, superior performance, perfect service, and high product comprehensive value. In the first half of 2010, Jiangling Motors launched a heavy blow. Jiangling Shunda went straight down to 10,000, with a minimum of 61,800. In the case of high prices in the high-end light truck market, prices have actually been much lower than many non-Isuzu-based models. Isuzu Technology's 4JB1 Euro III engine, excellent product quality and quality assurance, and first-class after-sales service in the domestic commercial vehicle industry have enabled consumers to experience benefits beyond value, and once again set off the popularity of high-end light trucks for Isuzu technology.

In the era of the general increase in price of the country III, allowing medium-price light truck users can still enjoy the high-quality, economical and practical light-card products of the Isuzu lineage, is one of the important goals of Shunda's premium version promotion. On the basis of maintaining the consistent quality of fuel saving, durability, environmental protection, safety, and practicality, with a premium price of RMB 61,800, the company will enter the mid-priced market with force. Those pseudo-high-end market spaces must be compressed, and consumers get high-end such as Jiangling. The threshold of the product is even lower, Jiangling Shunda is hard to sell.

The level of logistics efficiency mainly depends on two factors. One is to improve the level of management and operation, increase the frequency of delivery, and reduce no-load. However, this is related to the overall level of economic development. It is very difficult for the contemporary logistics transportation industry, which mainly depends on individuals, to change fundamentally. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of the transportation tools by both high-speed and heavy-duty, and to save fuel and durability. In the short term, the latter seems to be more maneuverable. Taking the domestic middle-distance inter-city logistics and transportation industry as an example, commercial vehicle companies with international backgrounds have continuously joined the market competition, and the overall operational efficiency has been greatly improved by improving the efficiency of logistics tools. Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., known for its “economy and durability”, recently launched its highly efficient logistics card, the Jiangling Kaiwei series, which is a representative of this trend.

Jiangling Kaiwei has locked intercity logistics vehicles between 300-500km, covering two wheelbases 4500 and 4750, matching two high-quality engines jointly developed by well-known manufacturers Chaochai/Yuchai, and 4D series adopting Isuzu 4HK1 technology. Match Bosch electronically controlled high pressure common rail system, power, noise, fuel consumption is generally 6% lower than similar models; 4E series uses internationally mature electronically controlled monomer pump technology, cost-effective. The highest safety speed 115KM / H, the largest 33 cubic meters of body space, the use of Jiangling F Series heavy-duty chassis, making Jiangling Kaiwei deserved to become the middle distance of the domestic inter-city high-speed heavy-duty highway transport heavy load, fuel-efficient and durable experts.

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