Non-destructive testing equipment enters trial operation

Non-destructive testing equipment enters trial operation The non-destructive testing equipment independently funded and developed by Xiaoshawo Village, Xinkou Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin Municipality entered the trial operation stage. This will enable Shawo radish to be automatically graded through equipment testing, allowing radishes to be sold in grades.

Recently, the reporter went to Xiaoshawo Village in Xinkou Town and saw a production line in the production workshop of the Shuguang Shawo Radish Cooperative where a circular inspection line was working at full capacity. The equipment developed by the villagers in Xiaoshawo Village began trial operation.

The staff of the inspection line told the reporter: “From there, the radish has always been heading toward the other end. If it is not qualified, the direct probe will put it down. Qualified has been coming. Come here to four levels. Level 1, Level 2 Grades, three, four.

During the interview, the reporter saw that the staff put a box of radish in the inspection line and the radishes began to be tested along the equipment line. The detection line adopts sonar technology. Through a series of tests, the cultivated Shawo radish can be distinguished according to sugar content, density and color. In terms of sugar content, it is divided into four grades: sugar content over ten, eight to ten, six to eight and six below. The first three grades are sold at a high-to-low price, and the fourth grade is a deep-processed product. The higher the grade, the higher the selling price of Shawo radish. If the highest standard is reached, the market price of each Shawo radish can be sold for three hundred yuan. The lower grade Shawo radish will be sold as a dessert. And radish crisp, radish cake, radish crisp three small packages of snack foods, pushed to supermarkets, hotels, cafes, bars and other places.

Li Shuguang, Party Secretary of Xiaoshawo Village, told the reporter: “The impact and the increase in revenue brought by this inspection line cannot be measured. Standards have been set, and it can reach this standard.”

It is understood that this test line has invested more than RMB 4 million, and it has entered the trial operation stage in the last two weeks. It was formally operated around January 1, 2013.

Li Shuguang, Party Secretary of Xiaoshawo Village, said: "Science and technology are primary productive forces and we must pay attention to science and technology in the future. Talents must be taken seriously. Now it is the normal staff. The next step is to build a research and development team, from the addition of radish. The value has been improved, there are only three patents, carrot cake, radish cake, radish crisp, the next step is to develop in other products."

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