· Opel or the PSA factory returns to the Chinese market after several years

According to foreign media reports, Opel announced on Thursday that the restructuring plan will mean that PSA will be borrowed from factories in China, Russia and Iran in the future, and even the US market where the former parent company General Motors is located.

As part of the PACE reorganization plan, Opel is also looking for potential new markets outside of the core European markets. Opel previously announced that it would not enter the Chinese market when it was under GM. It was mainly afraid to compete with GM's Chevrolet and Buick brands, but these two brands still rely on Opel's engineering technology.

Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller said in a PACE plan on Thursday: "Given Opel's entire production line will migrate to the PSA platform, Opel will therefore have more freedom to enter the market outside Europe, and will eventually go international," Lohscheller said. Opel will enter 20 new markets by 2022, and Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan are also in the target. In addition, Opel is also considering whether to sell cars in China and Brazil.

Opel officials did not mention whether they would enter the US market. Opel union leader Wolfgang Schaefer-Klug said that Opel had no obstacles to enter the US market after PSA's acquisition from GM.

All models of Opel Future are using the two platforms of PSA, namely CMP and EMP2. Using PSA's platform and engine, Opel will also rely on PSA's global production. PSA has factories in China and South America, a joint venture with Mitsubishi in Russia, and a component assembly plant in Iran.

Opel has already been involved in the Chinese and Russian markets. Previous sales in China have reached 5,000 units, but sales have been hit hard by huge import tariffs. Ten years ago, Opel also made some achievements in Russia, but after GM announced its withdrawal in 2015, everything fell apart.

Opel will stop importing cars from the GM South Korean factory to the European market, mainly due to exchange rate crisis and labor capital considerations. The Opel Karl/Vauxhall Viva minicar is currently produced at the GM Korea plant. Lohscheller said: This will help to make full use of the Opel European plant, and PACE plans to achieve 100% utilization of the plant by 2020.

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