Small faults can "smell" out

Smell "taste" can also know "wrong". A modern car consists of at least 7000 parts, each with its own unique taste. Of course, most of the parts and components in the normal work of the case of the smell is very small, but if there is a part of the parts of the abnormal wear or consumption, it will give off some pungent smell, such as burnt smell, odor , There is also a plastic smell... Perhaps you can judge the fault of your car by smell.

Three flavors

According to experts, if it is the smell of plastic products coming from the car, most of the electric lines are overheated. It should be noted that the wire jacket is generally thin, so even if the line has been overheated, the odor will not be as large as when the clutch plate burns. However, the burning of electric wires is generally accompanied by local smoke or local fever. As long as careful inspection can surely find the source.

If a special odor of burning non-metallic materials is smelled during driving, the clutch friction plates are generally burned, over-thin or overheated. This odor is also often accompanied by a foul odor. If the clutch is normally used and there is no obvious difficulty in getting stuck or starting difficult, and the smell of getting off the car does not come from the front of the car, but the back of the car, then we have to check if the rear brake system has There is no overheating, and some careless owners are still driving the car with the handbrake in hand. This can cause the rear brake pad to lock up, creating an unpleasant odor.

The smell of rubber burning is the easiest to distinguish. If there are such smells, you should first pay attention to the following parts. First, check whether the various belts in the engine compartment are slack and skid. When the vehicle is running at a high speed, the belt is lost and it is likely to cause problems such as poor heat dissipation. In this case, the driver should perform the test immediately after the vehicle is extinguished. Secondly, check whether the brake shoe and the tire are overheated. Some drivers like to brake hard at corners and downhill, which can easily cause excessive strain on the brake system and tires. When the brakes and tires have issued "smell" warnings, you'd better immediately step over to stop and wait for the brake pads. Drive naturally after lowering the temperature. Do not pour cold water on the brake pads.

Mixed oil danger

Be careful when smelling mixed oils. Since the ignition point of oil and gasoline is not the same, the oil in the cylinder cannot be completely compressed and burned. Then a small amount of oil particles will be discharged from the exhaust pipe, which is what we commonly call blue smoke. First of all, it is certainly an abnormal phenomenon that the car of a gasoline engine emits blue smoke. Under normal circumstances, the oil should only be lubricated in the oil passageway to the cylinder wall and the piston. However, once the inner wall of the cylinder bore is seriously worn or the piston wears seriously, the oil originally in the oil passage may break into the engine combustion chamber. In addition, engines with heavy valve wear may also burn engine oil. Also, some vehicles have aging leaks in their pipelines, which may also cause oil to drip onto engines or exhaust pipes. At this time, the smell of oil emitted by the vehicles may cause fire.

The smell of oil must check the cause

If you can always smell the smell of gasoline that is not burned when you drive, it is known as the smell of raw oil. You must confirm the location and severity of oil leakage before you can start again. Whether it is an EFI car or a carburettor vehicle, aging cracks may occur in the oil pipeline after prolonged use. At this time, as long as the bumps are slightly encountered or the pressure in the pipeline changes, the fuel may seep from these parts. Leak out. Therefore, when you drive a car smelling an abnormal petrol smell, you should immediately extinguish the open fire, such as cigarettes, while staying away from the main road to avoid accidents with the car. In addition, if the fuel tank is subjected to accidental impacts (such as bottoming), it may also cause leakage of unburned gasoline. If the tank is really leaky, there is a simple emergency method. It is to use chewing gum to plug the oil spill. .

The battery also smells bad

According to experts, this phenomenon occurs mostly on wet batteries because wet batteries require the electrolyte to store and convert electrical energy, but when the electrolyte leaks, it creates a pungent smell; at the same time, if the electrolyte When it is consumed so much that it loses, the generator will forcibly charge the battery while the car is running. At this time, the battery will be overheated and white smoke will be charged, and the odor will become even more unpleasant. The dry type battery does not have the problem of leakage, but it also has a failure period. Generally, we can detect it by the observation port on the top of the battery.

Air conditioner smells immediately

I always felt that the air conditioner had a strange smell, so I'm afraid I'm going to the factory to thoroughly inspect it. Occasionally, some Momin things may adhere to air-conditioning filter elements, even small insects and accidentally entangled small animals "dry cadaver." Air-conditioned air ducts, car trunks, and foot pads have indeed been listed as one of the major sources of pollution. So when you smell something in the car that shouldn't be there, it's best to clean it thoroughly.

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