Talk about sprinkler function

We can often see sprinklers spraying water on roads to help clean roads and reduce the temperature of the ground. We can help with the maintenance of the ground and reduce the dust in the air. In fact, there are many other uses for sprinklers in addition to these roles. Today we will explain in detail.


1. Watering the pavement of the city, watering the green belts on both sides of the highway is one of the most common uses of sprinklers. In hot summer weather, the surface temperature is very high, and long-time high temperatures can cause certain damage to the ground, such as cracks on the ground. At this time, the use of sprinklers for road surface, community and construction sites can effectively reduce the temperature. effect.

2. It is very easy to cause the deposition of dust and tiny particles on the road surface. It will not only affect the beauty of the road but also cause bad influence on the people's living environment. The water and the tiny particles in the air can be deposited by watering the sprinkler. It also reduces harmful substances in the air. Especially for some dusty sites or cement plants, sprinklers can provide good dust removal effects.

3. Landscaping is a very important aspect of establishing a clean and tidy urban environment, and sprinklers play a very important role in landscaping. The water cannon inside the sprinkler can be adjusted into different modes, such as a columnar, heavy rain mode. Moderate rain, etc. You can irrigate the green belt around the road, parks, flowers and trees in the community, etc. You can also wash the dust on the trees and play a very important role in the gardening work.

The use of sprinklers is very extensive, which makes us an indispensable part of a good urban environment. The use of sprinklers also reduces the cost of road maintenance and reduces labor costs, which greatly reduces the burden on road maintenance personnel. Understanding the role of the sprinkler helps us use it in all aspects to help us do our homework.

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