The brand opened the pump price Hunan Tianhong Pump Group: The road to innovation to develop national brands

Hunan Tianhong Pump Group: The Road to Innovation to Develop National Brands

Hunan Tianhong Pumps Group: Brand is the core of a company's competition and also the soul of economic development. Looking at the global economy, all economically developed companies have a lot of brand companies. These companies have a certain number of industry brands. The Hunan Tianhong brand has already had considerable influence in the industry. After being recognized as the famous brand in Changsha in 2003 and 2006, the brand building of Hunan Tianhong has achieved tremendous success in recent years. Compared with the domestic counterparts, Hunan Tianhong is still a young brand, full of vitality, full of vigor and great opportunities for development.
Recently, Hunan Tianhong Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recommended two hot-selling products: supply of S-type single-stage double-suction split-type centrifugal pumps and supply of QW series of self-piercing submersible sewage pumps, Hunan Tianhong's products in production, improve Management level, control of production costs, technology-centered, improve quality, reduce product failure rate, so get a number of users recognized and praised, but let the user care about the price of open pump, we also resolved one by one, with a complete The raw material channels, advanced production technology, and first-rate quality management system have drastically reduced the price level of mid-open pumps, making our pump products cost-effectively in an excellent position.

Product recommendation 1: S type single-stage double suction centrifugal pump
Structure: S-type single-stage double-suction split pump is horizontally mounted. Suction inlet and discharge outlet are below the centerline of the pump shaft. It is perpendicular to the pump axis. It is not necessary to disassemble the inlet and outlet pipes during inspection and maintenance. The rotor parts can be taken out. The pump is mainly composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bearing and other components. The pump body and the pump cover constitute the impeller working chamber, and the axial force of the impeller is symmetrically arranged by the blade.
Bearings: Both ends of the pump are rolling bearing-support rotor parts, lubricated with grease, and the inlet diameter is too 700mm to be lubricated with thin oil.
Shaft seal: 1 soft packing seal 2 mechanical seal (diameter below 800mm) SL for vertical installation. Both suction inlet and outlet outlet are horizontal. The split surfaces of the pump body and the pump cover are vertically separated on the shaft centerline. Seen from the motor end, the pump rotates clockwise (according to user requirements, it can also be designed to rotate counterclockwise)
● Material of flow-through parts: S-type double-suction split-open pump Common materials include cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel, NiCr cast iron, and stainless steel. Different materials can be selected according to user requirements.
● Model Description: Example: 500S35A
500---Pump inlet diameter (mm)
S——Single-stage double suction centrifugal clean water pump
35 - Design Point Head (m)
A-- impeller cutting.

Product recommendation II: QW non-clog submersible sewage pump
QW type non-blocking submersible sewage pump is a newer and improved product of the company based on QW submersible sewage pump. The design principle of this product is to design a stirring device at the inlet of the sewage pump. Through the unique internal design of the device, a part of the water flow at the entrance will diverge and run toward the bottom of the sewage tank. The huge momentum can deposit the bottom of the sewage tank. The object is flushed so that the sediment is mixed with the sewage, and then is sucked into the pump chamber and discharged. The stirring range can reach 3-6 m. This product not only has the excellent performance of the QW type pump, but also prevents the deposition of dirt on the bottom of the pool, purifies the sewage pool, and does not need to do regular cleaning of the sewage pool, saving manpower and material resources.

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