The oil pump for the 725-ton ship-class oil spill recovery unit was successfully developed.

Recently, the oil pump developed by the second unit of CSIC 725 and Shuangruite has been successfully applied to the 10,000-ton ship oil spill recovery device. The result is the first spiral pump product designed and manufactured in 725.

It is reported that the 10,000-ton ship oil spill recovery device is an industrialization project supported by the National Development and Reform Commission. It was recently undertaken by the Wuchuan Group and has been successfully developed and reached the international advanced level. The oil pump is the key equipment of its core subsystem “brush belt type skimmer”. It has completed more than 10 high-level oil collection tests, and the oil collection rate and oil collection rate have reached the international advanced level.

The oil pump is an Archimedes screw pump, which is specially used for ultra-high viscosity medium transportation. Previously, the products were all imported.

In February 2016, after obtaining the development requirements of the oil pump, the second room of the 725th office quickly joined forces with the Shuangruite installation to establish a project team. Without any design and manufacturing experience, the oil pump was determined by consulting a large amount of data and literature. The main material has been designed to meet the technical requirements of the customer and has finally been identified as one of the development units. In the prototype development process, by continuously optimizing the design and process, the prototype development was completed in the final half year, and all performance test indicators met the customer's technical requirements.

Through professional complementarity and reasonable talent matching, the project achieved zero breakthrough in the design of screw pump in 725, improved its popularity in this field, and accumulated valuable experience for the future into the screw pump market.

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