What is rough selection? What concentrate? What is sweeping?

After the initial selection of the ore, such as flotation, re-election or magnetic separation, some of the gangue contained in the ore is selected, and a product higher than the original ore grade is obtained, which is called coarse concentrate. Generally, the concentrate is not yet reached. The quality requirement, this process is called rough selection. The crude concentrate is re-selected to obtain a qualified concentrate. This process is called a selection operation. Sometimes it is necessary to select a large concentrate to obtain a qualified concentrate. The second operation is called a selection, secondary selection, and three selections.

Scheduling process

Generally, the rough-selected tailings also contain a certain amount of rough-choice minerals, which cannot be discarded as the final tailings, and often need to be processed in the next step. This job is called sweeping. In order to improve the recovery of metal, sometimes after several sweep the election in order to obtain the final tailings.

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ER Sealed Collet

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