Yutong Bus Handling Stability Achievements Obtained Phase Achievements

With the improvement of living standards, the people-oriented concept puts higher requirements on the safety and comfort of passenger cars, and hopes that the safety performance of passenger cars can be continuously improved. The passenger handling stability is an important guarantee for high-speed passenger safety. After more than three years of hard work, Yutong Bus has achieved initial results in research on the handling and stability of passenger vehicles through cooperation with academic leader Guo Konghui and the team in the automotive industry, which has greatly improved the handling stability of passenger cars at high speeds. This will increase passenger car safety and comfort. Breakthrough the bottleneck of the bus industry in this core technology, fill the blank of the domestic passenger car industry, reach or even exceed the leading level in Europe. At present, these research results are being applied to Yutong buses one after another.

Industry Development Calls for Technological Progress

As an important part of China's automobile industry, the passenger bus industry in China has already begun to take shape after decades of development and has become one of the important industries driving the growth of the national economy. However, the introduction and reference of the development model of foreign passenger car technologies has caused the lack of key technologies in the key industries of the passenger car industry in China. These have caused a serious impact on the development of the passenger car industry in China. Increasing the level of research and development and promoting technological progress has become a must for the development of the passenger car industry in China. The road.

With the development of the country’s economy, the state’s investment in infrastructure in the transportation sector has continued to increase. In recent years, road conditions have continued to improve. In particular, a large number of high-grade highways have been opened to traffic, and the average driving speed of vehicles has increased somewhat compared to the past. Speeds of 90 kilometers or even 100 kilometers per hour are not uncommon. Improving vehicle handling and stability can improve the stability and comfort of the vehicle at high speed and turning state, make the vehicle trajectory accurate and easy to control, reduce the driver's tension and fatigue, and thus enhance the vehicle's active safety. European companies conducted earlier research in this area. Drivers feel smooth and safe when driving high-class foreign passenger cars. China's passenger vehicle industry must win the victory of international competition and force the bus industry in China to achieve breakthroughs in the core technology bottleneck of key industries. It is necessary to create a high-level R&D and experimental verification R&D system.

Combined with the evaluation system of passenger cars and the operating stability performance indicators of European passenger cars, Yutong Bus has established a research and development process for R&D stability, test specifications and evaluation indicators, developed an independent R&D system for handling stability, and established a professional technical team, which is a passenger car. The first enterprise in the industry to carry out comprehensive and systematic research on the stability of operation has once again led the passenger car industry to take an important step in breaking through the technological bottlenecks in the development of China's bus industry.

Master core technologies and promote the development of the industry

International passenger car companies in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other manufacturing countries have already listed passenger car safety control technology as a key R&D direction, especially active safety maneuvering stability technology. Through forward engineering methods, consideration is given to stable operation in product development and design. Sexual factors.

In the early days, the “Assembly” feature of China’s passenger car industry made many companies start late in their own R&D, not to mention the core technologies of operational stability and R&D. Most bus companies use reverse engineering to consider related factors and try to solve them after the problems of handling and stability of the products. When the principle problems appear, they often do nothing, so they cannot fundamentally solve the problem of handling stability.

Yutong Bus draws on the European advanced technology research on automotive operational stability and cooperates with Academician Guo Konghui and its team to use a virtual prototype and a closed-loop research method combining subjective and objective test evaluation to complete the quantitative analysis of the parameters affecting passenger vehicle handling stability and form a passenger car. The design principle and evaluation method of steering stability, a set of perfect evaluation system to evaluate new products, and the establishment of own passenger car steering stability research and development technology through scientific research. To study the bottleneck technology that restricts the development of China's passenger car industrialization and achieve breakthroughs in core key technologies will help reduce the dependence of China's passenger car industry on foreign technology and enhance its core competitiveness.

Independent research and development to create a new world

Establishing and improving independent research and development capabilities for maneuvering stability, mastering core technologies, and taking the road of technological competition, in line with China's "Automobile Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan" direction, is the need for the transformation and upgrading of China's passenger car industry, and it has been the development of Yutong Bus for many years. Adhere to the principle.

Since 2000, Yutong Bus has developed rapidly and has relatively complete test conditions for passenger cars, and its technical strength has greatly improved. Since 2009, Yutong Buses has independently developed related technologies. In 2011, the authority of Yutong Bus and automotive steering and stability technology research, academician Guo Konghui of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and his team collaborated with the Yutong Bus Testing Center, Henan Bus Engineering Technology Academician Workstation, and Bus Safety Control Technology National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, etc. Speed ​​up the research and development.

In accordance with the development process of the project, Yutong Bus began the development of suspension in the virtual prototype environment, vehicle development in the virtual prototype environment, subjective evaluation of the operational stability and objective evaluation system, and independent research and development of the stability of the newly-developed products, achieving scientific research results. Engineering. Since 2009, Yutong Bus has applied relevant results to the suspension design of some products. Yutong's first vehicle with application and stability technology has been put on the market, and the effect feedback is good. At present, the research and development of the second car has been completed, and the research and development of the third school bus with applied technology will begin. It is understood that in China's passenger car industry, only Yutong Bus can use the simulation analysis and K&C characteristics test to complete the suspension development work at the same time, and on this basis, a comprehensive research and development system for vehicle handling stability is established.

Through the research and application of passenger car handling and stability technology, the test shows that Yutong passenger car's steering stability can reach the top level of European buses, some indicators exceed the level of European passenger cars, and the response accuracy, timeliness, and controllability of vehicles when driving are greatly increased. As a result, the driver’s driving intensity is greatly reduced and the vehicle is driven more safely. Through research on the handling and stability of passenger vehicles, the components of Yutong bus chassis are more scientific and reasonable, and the life and reliability of components have been effectively improved. Through the study of suspension K&C characteristics and vehicle stability, Yutong Bus effectively ensures that the wheel alignment parameters during vehicle operation are more reasonable and the tire and road contact footprints are evenly distributed, which will improve the handling stability and driving safety of Yutong Bus. Driving comfort, and greatly reduce the abnormal wear of tires, saving the cost of use.

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